Imran Khan was arrested-Peoples are aggressive now.

The former prime minister was arrested in the capital when he appeared in court. Roads are Blocked now and there are massive traffic block reported.

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Imran Khan was arrested-Peoples are aggressive now. 

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan was arrested in a court in Islamabad.

Pakistan, Islamabad – Imran Khan, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, was arrested and charged with corruption under NAB clauses 34-A, 18-C, and 24.

Asad Umar, the leader of Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party, disclosed Khan’s detention on Tuesday. Roads are Blocked now and there are massive traffic block reported.

“He went to the location where the Rangers picked him up for his biometrics process,” he explained, referring to the paramilitary unit.

Mr. Khan was captured by paramilitary troops on armored personnel carriers after entering the court building. He was then driven away.

He was removed as Prime Minister in April of last year, and he has been advocating for early elections ever since.

If Khan is found guilty, he may lose his right to hold public office.

Imran Khan’s party has previously stated that if he is imprisoned, protests will worsen. According to analysts, this would make things much more difficult for a government that is already struggling due to an economic crisis that has brought the nuclear-armed country to the brink of failure.

When police attempted to arrest Khan at his residence in Lahore, his supporters and the police clashed fiercely.

Political squabbles are common in Pakistan, where no prime minister has ever lasted a full term and the military has ruled for about half of the country’s history.


Ali Amin Khan Gandapur, a senior PTI member and former federal minister, tweeted that the party would “capture Islamabad” if Khan was detained.


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